Onkyo X-N9TX (D) CD/MD tuner amplifier system

September 4, in Amplifier

.Onkyo recently announced its latest X-N9TX (D) CD/MD tuner amplifier system. This 9th Generation model will be available from 21st September. X-N9TX belongs to the FR family of Onkyo. Conforming to the Takshina rank Onkyo’s amplifier system features rated output of 19W + 19W (4 ?, 1kHz, total height harmonic wave distortion factor 0.4% or less), utility installed capacity 26W + 26W (4 ?, JEITA) in centre section, amplifier section total height harmonic wave distortion factor 0.4% and MD sound recording playback time approximately 34 hours (at the time of Hi-MD disk use Hi-LP mode use).

Via: Onkyo

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