Okoro Media presents updated 2010 GX Series

July 13, in Media Centre

Okoro Media Systems has presented its updated units of the 2010 GX series, more specifically the GX Media Server HTPC and its main feature is the inclusion of a bundled iPad as well as a custom application to control the multi-zone audio.

Besides including an iPad on the package, the upcoming Okoro Media server also brings the following features:

– Windows 7 /64-bit) as the OS;
– Intel Core i7 processor;
– Quad CableCard technology so you can record HD content;
– a SSD – solid state drive;
– USB 3.0;
– Blu-ray playback;
– support of 7.1 Dolby True HD;

With its multi-zone audio control, GX digital entertainment systems can play back internet radio, music stored on the unit, or on an iPod in multiple rooms.

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