Nintendo Unveils Wii Remote Plus With Built-In MotionPlus Tracking

September 29, in Uncategorized

Today, Nintendo made it official, Wii Remote Plus a.k.a the new Wiimote is indeed coming. This Wii controller will be a combination of the Wii Remote with its Wii MotionPlus gyro add-on into one powerful, new Wiimote. Interestingly enough, the Wii Remote Plus has already been seen recently when it came out in a FlingSmash bundle in the last week.

Furthermore, the new Wii controller has been presented in Japan in three new colors, which consist of black, aqua blue and pink. Of course, the trademark Nintendo white color is still available as well. This story comes to us, courtesy of Engadget and they hope to see the new controller colors also make it to the U.S. Beyond that, all other details concerning the Wii Remote Plus are apparently being kept under wraps at this point. Unfortunately, that means we’re still waiting to receive word on the price and a release date. Stay tuned along with us as we look to learn more about the upcoming launch.


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