Sympathy for the Devil Remixes Released in SACD Surround

The latest SACD release from the Rolling Stones catalog arrived today in record stores. It is a track «maxi-single» that features 7 different 5.1 SACD Surround Sound mixes of the Stones classic song «Sympathy for the Devil». read more…

Columbia Releases 15 Bob Dylan Albums on Hybrid SACD

Columbia/Legacy Records has released the first 15 albums in the long awaited Bob Dylan Revisited Reissue Series – both as individual albums and as a 15 album boxed set. Each of the albums in the reissue series appears on a single inventory, Hybrid Layer SACD disc that is packaged in a digipak album cover. Some of the titles feature not only Stereo SACD and Stereo CD tracks but also a new 5.1 Surround Sound SACD mix on the disc.

According to officials at Columbia/Legacy, the new Dylan Revisited Reissue Series involved pulling the original album master tapes of each album, listening to the prior vinyl LP and CD editions of the album and then remastering the album with the best available technology to maxmize the quality of each release. Each of the digipaks has a yellow sticker on the front of the album that says “Bob Dylan Revisited: The Reissue Series” along with bullet point highlights of the songs on that album.

The sticker also notes that each album has been “spectacularly remastered from original source tapes” and plays on all SACD and CD players. The first 15 Dylan Revisited Reissue SACDs and the boxed set release list is as follows: read more…

Mobile Fidelity Releases First Surround and Los Lobos SACDs

Mobile Fidelity has released their first Surround Sound SACD as well as a new Stereo SACD. The new SACD releases, now available from several web sites, are Good Morning Aztlan by Los Lobos and Ravel: Bolero and Assorted Orchestral Works by Stanislaw Skrowaczewski conducting the Minnesota Orchestra. Both SACDs are Hybrid SACDs, playable on SACD, CD and SACD compatible DVD Video players. Here’s more on these two new Mobile Fidelity SACD releases. read more…

Epic Releases Macy Gray Album on Surround Sound SACD

Sony Music’s Epic record label has released the latest album by Grammy winning R&B singer Macy Gray as a 5.1 Surround Sound SACD. The album entitled The Trouble With Being Myself is Gray’s third album and was released on Stereo CD in mid July. read more…

Work Progresses on 2 Blood, Sweat & Tears SACDs

Blood, Sweat and Tears fans will be pleased to hear that work is progressing on 2 upcoming Blood, Sweat & Tears SACDs. The upcoming SACD releases will be “Blood, Sweat & Tears 3″ which is slated for release by Mobile Fidelity as a Hybrid Stereo SACD and “Child Is Father to the Man” which Sony Music’s Columbia/Legacy label is working on for a 5.1 SACD Surround Sound SACD release. Here’s an update on the progress of both of these projects: read more…

Mobile Fidelity Plans New Patricia Barber and Surround SACDs

Mobile Fidelity has announced the next two SACDs in its series of well known albums that are remastered for SACD. Included in the new releases will be a fourth Mobile Fidelity SACD by jazz singer Patricia Barber and a second Surround Sound SACD from the Vox Surround Sound catalog of the 1970′s. Also announced was a change in the release date for the initial Surround Sound SACD release from Mobile Fidelity. read more…

IFA 2003: Philips Car SACD Plans and Pink Floyd SACD Sales

At this week’s IFA show in Berlin, Philips officials provided an update on the SACD format and its progress in the European market. In addition, they revealed plans for the development of Car SACD players by a partnership between Philips and Harman International as well as updated SACD sales figures for the Hybrid Multichannel SACD edition of Pink Floyd’s classic album The Dark Side of the Moon. read more…

Steely Dan and Peter Frampton Surround SACDs Released

Steely Dan and Peter Frampton Surround SACDs Released

Universal Music has released two long awaited Multichannel SACDs this week by Steely Dan and Peter Frampton. The new SACDs are Steely Dan’s album Gaucho and the multi-million selling album Frampton Comes Alive! Both SACDs feature SACD Surround Sound and SACD Stereo tracks, with Gaucho also offering a CD Audio track for compatibility with CD players. Universal also announced some additional release dates for upcoming SACDs, including October release dates for The Who’s “Tommy” and Ludacris’ “Chickens and Beer” albums on Multichannel SACD disc. read more…

Five Mercury Living Presence Albums Coming to SACD

The Decca Music Group has announced that it plans to release 5 of the legendary Mercury Living Presence classical music albums this fall and winter. The albums will appear as Hybrid Multichannel SACDs and will feature Multichannel SACD, Stereo SACD and CD Audio versions of the music on each album. read more…

Universal Adds Elvis Costello, The Who and Sea Biscuit to SACD Plans

Universal Music continues to expand their list of upcoming 5.1 Surround Sound SACDs. The newest SACD plans for the Fall include 5 more pop, rock and jazz albums by Elvis Costello, The Who, Randy Newman and Ludacris. The release list also includes the first SACD release on the ECM label.

Last month we provided a list of upcoming pop, rock and jazz SACDs slated for release in late Summer and Fall from Universal Music. Since that time, two of the SACDs (Shania Twain’s “Up” and Dredg’s “El Cielo”) were released, one release date was moved up (Sting’s “Sacred Love” which will now appear as a Hybrid Multichannel SACD in a Digipak on September 30th) and one release date was moved back (John Hiatt’s “Bring The Family” – now slated for October 14th).

The 5 new Universal Music SACD releases are all planned to be Hybrid Multichannel SACD discs. They will feature SACD Surround Sound, SACD Stereo and CD Audio versions of the music on each album. The discs will be playable on SACD, CD and SACD compatible DVD Video players. The titles and projected release dates are as follows:

September 16, 2003 Release Date

  • Michelle Makarski & Hilliard Ensemble – Tituli: Cathedral In The Thrashing Sun (ECM)

    November 4, 2003 Release Date

  • Elvis Costello – North (Deutsche Grammophon)

    November 11, 2003 Release Date

  • Randy Newman – Seabiscuit Soundtrack (Decca)

    Upcoming Releases

  • Ludacris – Chickens and Beer (Def Jam)
  • The Who – Tommy (MCA)

Universal Releases 5 SACDs and Plans Sting Hybrid SACD

Universal Music continues their prolific release schedule of SACD discs this week with 5 new SACD releases. The new SACDs issued on Tuesday include releases from Shania Twain and Dredg as well as 3 classical music SACDs. Universal has also provided more information about the SACD release of the new album by Sting entitled «Sacred Love». read more…

Sony Music Cuts Single Layer SACD Disc Prices

Sony Music officials confirmed earlier today that they have reduced the price of their Single Layer SACD discs to dealers. The new dealer prices will result in 1 disc Single Layer SACD discs carrying a list price of $18.98 and 2 disk Single Layer SACD disc sets carrying a list price of $24.98. read more…

Rolling Stones Sympathy for The Devil in 5.1 SACD Surround [HFR]

ABKCO Records, Universal Music International and the Rolling Stones have announced that the upcoming Sympathy for the Devil Remix Maxi-single will be a single inventory, Hybrid Layer Multichannel SACD release. The new Sympathy for the Devil Remix maxi-single will be available in stores in the U.S. read more…

TAG McLaren Audio to Cease Product Development

Exclusive: The future of TAG McLaren Audio looks bleak, all future product development will cease and the company is likely to withdraw completely from the audio/video markets following an internal review; this was the bombshell Chief Executive Office Dr. Udo Zucker dropped on TAG dealers earlier today. read more…

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