Netflix App Arrives for iPhone and iPod Touch, Take Home Theater Anywhere

August 27, in Portable

And here it is, finally–the Netflix iPhone app.  After a long, long, way too long time of watching and waiting, we’ve finally got the ability to reorder our queues and select our next round of videos from our Apple gear.  All our Apple gear–interestingly, this release for the iPhone (and the iPod Touch) comes after that for the iPad.

The good news is that the app will allow Netflix subscribers to stream video with their Instant Queues, but the bad news is that AT&T just put in a cut on their formerly unlimited data plans, so your availability to stream via 3G will be (probably) limited.  But if you use Wi-Fi for your streaming needs you may do all right. And the Retina Display on the iPhone may make for happy watching.

So having Netflix on our Apple gear is almost certainly good news, caps or no, (the recent announcement that Apple wants to get into television show rentals only muddies the waters further), and we’ll see how it all sorts out directly.


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