MSI tablet has its own projector

January 21, in Projector

Apparently, this particular tablet was hanging around at CES, and I somehow missed it. Not that there weren’t over 80 tablets in Vegas already.

This particular Windows 7 slate has an MSI projector. I believe that could be the first tablet with a projector that I know, but it seems like such an obvious idea that I’m sure some other company has previously thought of it.

MSI cobbled together a rather chunky, Atom-powered, 10-inch tablet with a built-in swivel projector. We don’t have any details on the projector itself – no lumens or resolution – but according to Notebook Italia, it can be maneuvered to display on a wall or even flipped around to project downward onto a table. A MSI rep implied that the latter function could be used to enable some sort of laser projected keyboard (we’re imagining it to be a lot like this one from Light Blue Optics), but there’s no actual software in place for that yet.

Like I said before, this could easily be the wave of the future. Right now, it is just a concept.



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