MotionZone is a low-budget Kinect

January 27, in Business

Yes, we have reported on the Kinect a lot around here at Cybertheater, especially with its myriad amount of hacks.

Some of us, like me, don’t really want to shell out the few hundred dollars for an Xbox 360 and Kinect, so fortunately, there is a low-budget alternative known as MotionZone.

MotionZone has twenty-five motion controlled games that are pre-loaded with every purchase. Granted, the graphics may not be as good as that of the Kinect, but it might be an adequade substitute.

Yes, I know that the Wii tried the same thing, and you could get some Jakks Pacific hook-up for a distraction. By the way, I also don’t know the price, as my Source didn’t mention it. It’s less than a Kindle.


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