Monster is-10cm 5 1/4″ 2-way in wall speakers

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Great speakers that sound clean and that can easily be installed throughout the house.

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Monster IS-10CM Speakers Suit Any Home

Versatile speakers that can be used in many ways and that sound like they cost more than they do.

I like that these Monster in-wall speakers are almost invisible when installed. They sit level with the wall or ceiling and the grille can be painted any color that suits your fancy. I love the look on people’s faces when they can’t seem to figure out where the sound is coming from. It’s hilarious! And speaking of sound, the sound from these speakers is always rich and pleasant. They can be used for home theater purposes, listening to music, and piping sound throughout the entire house.

These Monsters come one at a time; they’re not sold in pairs. Each speaker has a 1/4" advanced fiber system cone woofer as well as a 1/2" balanced drive dome tweeter with INVAREX diaphragm. The sound reproduction is clear with no distortion whatsoever. Each speaker will handle a maximum of 60 watts and they have a Ferrofluid design that offers versatility when it comes to high power applications. All of these features work together to give you deep lows and clean mids and highs whether you’re watching a DVD or listening to the radio.

These Monster speakers can enhance most home theaters. They’re easy to place around the room for added surround sound power and since they’re an affordable speaker, you can get some for other rooms in the house, as well. They’re great for parties when you want music in every corner of the house. This way, every part of your home can accommodate your guests and you won’t have to cram everyone in the only room that’s got a measly stereo blasting.

I like the Monster in-wall speakers a lot: they look neat because they’re nearly invisible, the sound is clean and powerful, and they’re affordable.

Technical Info:

Speakers maximum output power:60 Watts

Speaker amplification type: Passive

Woofer: 5 1/4" advanced fiber system cone woofer

Tweeter: 1/2" balanced drive dome tweeter with INVAREX diaphragm

Power handling: 60 watts max.

Magnet: 10 oz. barium ferrite magnet

Design: Ferrofluid design

MSRP: $65.00

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