MOG Offers On Demand For The Roku Box

June 29, in Audio

Last year, MOG started their online music subscription service, charging customers $4.99 a month for regular access to a library of 7.5 million songs. Now they’ve revealed their new partnership with Roku, the media streaming set-top box company who recently released a new feature for its Netfilx interface.

This summer, those who own a Roku box will be offered a subscription to MOG’s $4.99 online music service and they can also gain access to MOG through their Roku devices and PCs for $9.99. This will be accompanied by downloadable mobile applications compatible with iPhone and the Android as well.

Furthermore, there’s a slider in the user interface that allows you to view music artists similar to the ones you’re listening to. Drew Denbo, SVP business development at MOG states that the company is able to provide better sound quality than most available online music providers and MOG is featuring 256 to 320 kbps Mp3 instead of the more common 92 kbps Mp3.


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