Microsoft Rally Ball played on Kinect and WP7 phone

February 14, in Console Gaming

After all of the Kinect hacks that I have seen, such as the invisible piano and Minecraft. This is one of the coolest, and it isn’t a hack.

Microsoft has finally taken the hint and realized how cool the Kinect actually is and found a way to integrate Windows Phone 7 into their controller-less operating system.

This is apparently part of a promotion from Mobile World Congress, as Steve Ballmer took keynote stage to discuss the future of WP7. I don’t know if he showed this video, but it is enough to get me excited.

What you are seeing here is Rally Ball, and it looks like someone else is sending lots of balls against this poor player with a WP7, and then he is tag teamed.

Now, if only Android can get in on this gaming act. Perhaps iOS can do it too.


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  1. anthony walden April 5, at 3:32 pm

    I’ve had my HTC trophy for almost 2 years when I saw a promo for wp7 and rally ball on YouTube back then. What I want to know is how to play it now. 2 years!!!


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