Microsoft Kinect running with Android?

February 17, in Console Gaming

Sure we have seen a lot of Kinect Hacks, and this would have to be classified as one of them.

Considering that I have been hearing about the WP7 being hooked up to the Kinect to play Rally Ball, I don’t think that Kinect and Android working together is a stretch.

You can watch the video of it to see it in action, but there is not much going on presently. The YouTube user who is known as HirotakaSter has hooked up an Armadillo 500 FX development platform to make this work.

I wish that Kinect would be programmed to work with Android, without hacks. However, there seems to be a Microsoft monopoly on the Kinect, and they will probably only allow the WP7 to have mobile access to the gesture-based controller system.


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