MEElectronics A151 in-ear headphone

March 20, in Headphones

I thought we would take some time to focus on some low-priced in-ear headphones this weekend, and the first will be the MEElectronics A151.

The MEElectronics (I’m assuming it is pronounced like it is spelled, like some electronics made for me) uses a forty seven inch long twisted wire, and the buds themselves are reported to be “easy to wear” for long periods of time.

It is also reported that the sound is “crystal clear”, For example, listening to jazz music allowed many of the instruments to stand out amongst others.

The MEElectric A151 headphones are balanced armature headphones that cost twenty-five dollars less than $100. It comes with about five sets of eartips which include small silicon, medium silicon, large silicon, double flange, and large triple flange. I will promise that our next post will be about another set of headphones that will also be low price, but very high quality.

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