Mad Catz and Activision Launches Gaming Set For Call Of Duty

June 18, in Accessories

Recently, Mad Catz and Activision entered a partnership to develop new controllers to debut with the next Call Of Duty game. These gaming controllers are called Black Ops Precision AIM and they were made to provide a better experience for players in gameplay.

The Precision AIM controllers were designed in a style similar to the X-Box 360 and PS3 but also have unique features of their own. They have extra buttons on the back for additional control. One of the buttons is located on the back right while the other is found on the back left and they can be programmed to mimic buttons or button combinations on the front. This allows you to play without having to move your thumb off of the stick when trying to melee.

However, you can also set the controller to Precision Aim mode, which makes the thumbsticks slower so you’ll have greater accuracy when making shots as a sniper. Thus, this gaming accessory might be considered a must have if you’re a fan of the Call Of Duty franchise since Activision happens to be the game developer that created the popular series.

Mad Catz is also offering the Gunnar Optics ProGaming glasses pack, which features the Gunnar eyestrain-reducing glasses and an attachable voice headset that fits on the glasses. This is available for retail at $100 while the Precision AIM controllers will cost $50. These will all come with the new Call Of Duty game in November.


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