Logitech Revue with Google TV box shows face at FCC

July 5, in Set Box

If you’ve been consuming content through traditional cable or satellite broadcast since the early days you’ll know that one of the only ways to find content was to painstakingly search through the various channels until you found something you like. Now a days, as technology continues to get better, the ordeal of finding watchable content has gotten much, much easier.

DVRs were once a godsend in terms of doing the deed as they made it easy to catch all of your favorite content even when you were away as you’d be able to record your favorite show and then watch it at your leisure. However, with the Internet being so readily available, content is much easier found online, both illegally and legally. So what are the makers of these set-top boxes to do when their products are quickly approachign obsolecene?

Logitech, one of the world’s premier hardware manufacturers, has decided to take their own route teaming with Google to launch the first ever Google TV powered set-top box. Thanks to the new TV-inspired platform built by google the Logitech Revue with Google TV will allow consumers to search the airwaves for their latest content in addition to checking the Internet for the same content and so on and so forth.

Lucky for us, the Logitech Revue has recently passed through the FCC which means we may be seeing this thing hit store shelves sooner rather than later.

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