Logitech has a deal on the Ultimate Ears SuperFi 4

March 14, in Headphones

Logitech is always trying to give consumers the best deal, they just unveiled the Z906 Speaker System, and before they have the Z623 that was a pretty good deal.

The Ultimate Ears SuperFi 4 normally sells for about $49 on Logitech, but with the use of a code on DealNews “superfi4_311″, the price is dropped down to $29.99.

This Ultimate Ears SuperFi 4 isn’t going to be a Deal of the Day on Amazon, but I am not certain how long this one is going to last. Speaking of Amazon, the reviews of this particular piece of earbuds aren’t exactly good, as it has two and half stars.

I’m not certain that two and a half stars is enough to justify a $30 purchase, but I will leave it up to you. Just ask yourself if you’re willing to pay matinee prices for an only halfway decent movie. I suppose that was the best illustration that I could give.

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