Linn Teams With Sony and ESS Technology

March 21, in SACD News

The Linn ‘Silver Disc Engine’ DVD player will be the first to use ESS Technology’s Vibratto navigation software in a Super Audio CD environment, but the partnership goes beyond the company’s own machines…

Linn hope to produce for, or license to other manufactures, a core disc playback environment to support, among others, CD-DA, SACD (two-channel and multi-channel), DVD-Video and DVD-Audio. The system uses an audio/video architecture designed by Linn, ESS Technology navigation and MPEG decoders with a transport and Super Audio CD front-end provided by Sony. The intention is to produce an architecture that will “…play any audio disc put into it”.

Acting as a reference design house for Sony and ESS, Linn will produce two standard solutions for other manufacturers to work with, one mid-market and the other high-end, both of which can be tailored to suit particular needs. Each OEM solution will consist of transport, circuit boards and control software and will become available from mid 2002 onwards.

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