Limited Edition X-Box 360 Set For Halo: Reach

July 23, in Uncategorized

Yesterday, we told you about the recent leak concerning the Halo: Reach edition X-Box controller. Now it seems that Microsoft is ready to follow up with an entire X-Box 360 gaming set, customized in a matte finish in honor of the upcoming Halo prequel. However, this isn’t just any special edition Microsoft gaming console like the other previously released models. Nope, this version actually has something to offer besides a stylized, custom design. The Halo: Reach Limited Edition set is packing 250GB HDD and built-in 802.11n WiFi.

These specifications are being provided for the first time in a special edition model, according to Engadget. As you can see from the picture shown above, the set consists of two special edition wireless controllers, the console and even a copy of the upcoming game itself. Thus, all this comes in glossy matte (which might be appealing to you if you don’t like the white or black models) and it can be yours for $399 on the fourteenth day of September. Rejoice, diehard fans of Halo! That’s less than two months away, you know.


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