LGs 3D Touting THX-Certified PX950 Plasam TV Gets Spotted

September 11, in 3d

While some view it as nothing more than a gimmick, 3D display technology has been generating its fair share of buzz as of late. Thanks to this buzz just about every hardware manufacturer in the book has signed on to push out their own offerings.

Today, the THX-certified PX950 3D plasma TV from LG has been spotted during a press conference held by the company in New York. According to our source, the TV will run between $200 – $300 more than its 2D counterpart but thanks to its THX certification, this may be one of the most high end 3D plasmas on the market.

Of course, when it will actually hit the market is any one’s guess at this point but we’ll keep you posted.

via engadgethd

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