LG To Display 3D THX Certified Plasma Television During IFA

August 31, in 3d

LG is one of the world’s leading electronics manufacturers in just about every industry. Not only are they a known player in the cell phone market but their televeision offerings are not to be overlooked as well.

Today we have recieved information that LG is planning to show off the world’s first ever 3D THX Certified plasma HDTV at this year’s IFA. This television, dubbed the PX850N, it said to feature wireless AV link, DLNA, NetCast and a Multi Picture format tha twill recognize 3D cameras and camcorders.

That not good neough for you? Well, LG is also said to be debuting a 180-inch plasma television at the same IFA event. Of course, seeing how it will just be a prototype and if/when it does come to market it will surely carry a high price tag you may way to look away if you’re an envious one.

IFA starts on Wednesday, be here for in depth coverage.

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