LG Predicts Themselves Top OLED Manufacturer by 2012

July 22, in LED television

HDTVs have seen numerous iterations ranging from LCD to Plasma but one of the more modern day applications is OLED or organic light emitting diode. This technology has the ability to display a much sharper image with much higher color density and contrast ratios as compared to normal LCDs or something similar.

Unfortunately, seeing how the technology is a bit young, you’re forced to pay a bit of a premium if you want to get down on it. One of the top manufacturers of these displays, LG, hopes the future will change all of that.

Not only do they see OLED displays dropping in price dramatically as the years go on but they also see themselves as the forrunner for the shift towards OLED. In fact, they have recently said that they want to be the premiere OLED manufacturer by 2012.

You have 2 years LG, better get to work!

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