LG LX97WH Art Series HD DVD PC

August 29, in Desktop PC


LG Korea recently unveiled its Art Series LX97WH “dual” HD Format PC featuring 300 nits brightness, 2ms speed of response, higher contrast ratio of 5,000:1 and angle of visualization right and left 160 degree. It comes equipped with 320GB HDD and supports 3-D gaming capabilities. The LX97WH not only supports DVD and HD-DVD but also Blu-Ray. The PC comes in three color options including Silky Black, Snow White and Fantasy Red. LG’s latest launch is based on the A10 featuring with a Core 2 Duo CPU, an Nvidia Geforce 8 series video card. LG LX97WH Art Series PC is expected to reach stores during October at 1800000 won whereas only the A10 would cost you 1500000 won.


Via: LG and LG


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