LG Looks to Sell 5 Million 3DTVs in 2011

February 19, in 3d

3D displays of all shapes and sizes are finding their way into the daily live of consumers around the world faster than ever before. Much of this success can be attributed to falling prices and the appearance of more 3D content from providers like Comcast with their recently launched Xfinity 3D channel. Of course, seeing how the technology is still decently new 3DTV sales numbers have yet to even come close to rivaling HDTV sales numbers but that is changing with each passing year.

Just earlier today we told you that Samsung was looking to ship 10 million 3D televisions in 2011 up from their 2 million sold in 2010. Now, LG has come forth to let us know that they have plans for 2011 too, just not as big. During th new year, LG hopes to ship at least 5 million 3DTVs – half of what Samsung hopes to offer.

Will either company reach their goal? We’ll have to wait and see.

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