LG LHT874 5.1 Home Theater System

February 12, in Accessories


LG LHT874 5.1 Home Theater System

Retailing for under $500, the LG LHT874 5.1 home theater system is one of the most affordable complete home theater systems featuring wireless speakers that deliver good surround sound. (You will however still require an A/C outlet in the back of your Home Theater room to power the rear speaker amplifier.) Two tall floor standing front speakers have a stylish Space Age look to them, and the convenience of the 5 disc 1080p upscaling (using HDMI output to your HDTV) DVD / CD changer will be much appreciated once you get the system set up. Set up, by the way, is fairly simple project that anyone with basic skills and a screwdriver can accomplish in an hour or two.

Inputs on the LG LHT-874 include HDMI, optical digital audio, MADE FOR iPOD connection, and USB, so you can pretty much run anything through this sound system that you might want to run without any big issues cropping up. All in all, the LG LHT874 5.1 home theater system is a pretty good system at an affordable price point.

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