LG LHB535 Home Theater System Review-Great Except For Sound

September 7, in Audio

So today we’ve got a home theater setup from the crew out at LG–the LG LHB535–to look at, and the end results of this will surprise you, and in quite a few different ways. Sadly, not all of the surprises will be pleasant ones.

The LG LHB535 is an eleven hundred watt, 5.1 channel home theater system that offers a Blu-ray player, five satellite speakers and a two hundred watt subwoofer.  You’ll also get Internet connectivity over either Wi-Fi or ethernet (with the accompanying access to a variety of content providers), a huge array of playback options (this won’t just handle Blu-ray–it’ll handle regular and burnable DVDs plus really exotic stuff like AVCHD), several surround sound decoders, iPod and iPhone compatibility with a front-mounted dock, a component video output, two HDMI inputs and an HDMI output.

There’s plenty of great stuff here–scads of options–and utility sufficient to tackle most any issue you’ll have.  And the cost isn’t even too bad, considering what you’ll get.  Best Buy wants four hundred and fifty bucks for this system.

But here’s where the downside kicks in–the sound quality on this system is not the greatest.  Maybe it was the acoustics, maybe it was just the unit I dealt with, but this thing had a flat, unpleasant sound to it that makes it tough to recommend fully.  You may, however, want to pick it up and keep the receipt on hand just in case I got a bad one in a bad room.

Still though, the LG LHB535 has plenty to offer, even if it’s not as much as we might like.

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