LG LHB335 Home Theater System Review-Potent But Problematic

August 9, in Audio

A new home theater system presents itself, and as such, it’s always worth taking a look at.  Home theater systems allow you to set up a complete home theater system in one fell swoop, meaning all you need to complete the package is a television or projector for the video display.  And today, we’ve got the LG LHB335 to discuss, and though it’s not without its problems, it is one you’ll want to have a listen to.

The LG LHB335 is an eleven hundred watt, 5.1 channel home theater system with Blu-ray player, five speakers, subwoofer, a variety of surround sound decoders, Internet connectivity with built-in WiFi to provide access to Netflix, CinemaNow and a host of other services, two HDMI inputs, an iPod dock, a USB port, and wireless rear speakers.

Though there are plenty of solid features to the LG LHB335, there’s a serious problem here–the included speakers had a serious problem with sound quality.  It’s shockingly low-end for a home theater with a Blu-ray player.  This may not be the case with every one, though, so be sure you have a listen before buying, or failing that, keep the receipt handy.

In fact, the worst part of this is that it offers so much that’s high quality, it’s almost baffling how it could do poorly on the main part of the whole thing, the sound quality.

And at $309.87 on Amazon, you’d definitely be interested in the LG LHB335.  It’s got a good price, plenty of solid features, but the sound quality is definitely an issue here.  Too much of an issue to work with?  That’s your call to make.  Just remember to keep the receipt handy.

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