LG Is Set To Dive Into The World Of 3DTV

July 12, in 3d

Nowadays, it seems like every consumer electronics manufacturer out there wants to ride on the 3DTV train to win the hearts of customers in this new 3D crazed era. So, it comes as no surprise that LG has elected to be the next passenger on this “train”, joining the likes of other big names such as Samsung, Panasonic and Sony. Of course, as the newest brand to enter this market, LG won’t be offering cheaper 3DTVs either. Currently, the company is preparing to launch two LED HDTV sets known as the LG LX9500 and LX6500.

Furthermore, LG will release a 3DTV bundle that includes two pairs of the 3D active shutter glasses, a $100 instant rebate, and a bonus redemption certificate to receive Warner Home Video’s Blu-ray 3D title “IMAX Under the Sea 3D” by mail as long as they’re available. This bundle comes with a purchase of any LG LX9500 or LX6500 coupled with an additional purchase of the LG 3D Blu-ray Disc Player.

Interestingly enough, the LX6500 is the cheaper of LG’s new 3DTV sets with a price tag of $2,300 and their 3D Blu-ray player would cost you $300. So, even with the rebate offered in the LG bundle, you’d still be paying over $2,000 and other brands like Panasonic and Sony are also using bundles to tempt consumers. In addition to this, it’s very important to note that 3D shutter glasses for one brand will not be compatible with any other consumer electronics manufacturer. Apparently, the companies already thought of that possible money-saving tactic and saw fit to prevent it. Thus, investing in 3DTV only seems worthwhile if you have thousands of dollars to spend on your personal entertainment.


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