LG Infinia 60PK950 Plasma Television Review-Big, Beautiful and Pricey

January 28, in LG

We close out our week of plasma television in grand style by looking at the LG Infinia 60PK950, a huge and amazing set that will really put a spark into your Super Bowl viewing, but will also leave a pretty pronounced dent in your savings besides. It won’t be all good, though, and that may be the strangest thing of all about this otherwise amazing television.

The LG Infinia 60PK950 is a sixty inch 1080p television that offers wi-fi capability for access to a wide variety of content sources, two ten watt speakers, TruBlack filter for improved picture, THX Certification, a USB port, Intelligent Sensor to help in setting the levels, and four HDMI ports.

It’s easy to see where the quality is here. The picture is patently amazing, and the sound equally so. It helps that it’s THX certified–that’s pretty much the high point in any television–but even if it didn’t have that certification it would still be pretty impressive. But I’m a little dismayed here at the lack of support for older hardware. I can understand why it’s not here, of course–the fact that this thing has THX certification pretty much precludes you from using your old VCR with it. This kind of hardware pretty much begs to have proper peripherals running on it.

And of course, with a system like this, you’re going to pay for it–the folks out at Amazon want $1968 for this, though it should be pretty clear that you’ll be getting just what you pay for.

So if you want a big new television for the big game, well, the LG Infinia 60PK950 is definitely going to qualify. But you will have to work around the obvious problem: the massive price tag.

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