LG 60PK950 Television Review-Nicer and Pricier

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So back in May, I got a look at the LG 50PK950, and I called it nice but a bit on the pricey side.  And there was a good reason–it was a nice enough television, but they were asking quite a bit for it.  Thus, today, when I cover the LG 60PK950, you might not be surprised to know that it’s just a little bit nicer, and quite a bit pricier.

The LG 60PK950 is a sixty inch 1080p plasma television that offers Internet connectivity, dual XD engine with x.v.Color, two ten watt speakers, PC input, Skype capability, one RF input, two A/V inputs, two component video inputs, four HDMI inputs, and an ethernet port.

As you’ve probably expected, the LG 60PK950 is a lot like the 50PK950, except quite a bit larger.  Ten inches diagonal larger, specifically–and there’s a reasonable boost to picture quality in there too.  The sound is about as good as it was on the 50PK950, so the real improvement is to picture size, and thus slightly to picture quality.

Considering the LG 60PK950 costs twenty eight hundred bucks out at Best Buy, it really does need to be a quality piece.  Thankfully, it won’t disappoint, even if it is a bit on the pricey side.  You can do better, bargain wise, but this isn’t meant to detract from an overall high-quality piece.  It really is an amazing plasma television–plenty big, very exciting, and if a bit overpriced, well, that’s the cost of excess, and this one from LG screams excess.

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