LG 55LX6500 Television Review-One Of The Best

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This week, it’s all about big, loud and LED, folks–we’re going to take a look at the LED television market. And while prices have been coming down all over (especially with Christmas shopping in full swing), we’re still going to have some pretty hefty wallet-busters afoot. Today’s target is the LG 55LX6500: it’s huge, it’s impressive, and it’s going to blow your mind on just about every front.

The LG 55LX6500 is a fifty five inch 1080p LED television running at 240 hertz for a serious reduction in blurring. Plus, you’ll also get LG’s NetCast internet capability to gain access to all the content online out there, Energy Star 4.0, Intelligent Sensor to automatically optimize the picture based on your room’s lighting and color, your choice of three AV Modes (Cinema, Sports and Games) and Picture Wizard to change settings further according to the conditions on the ground, 24P Real Cinema to show off your movies in the best way possible, Dolby Digital decoders, four HDMI inputs, three component inputs, two composite inputs, one PC input, one PC audio input, one digital audio output, two USB ports, an ethernet jack, a headphone jack, and 3D capability once you get all the right gear together.

It’s downright amazing, this television; in fact, there’s precious little bad to say about it. The picture is stunning, the sound impressive, there’s jacks and ports aplenty and it’ll even grow with you if 3D keeps getting as big as some suggest it will. It plays almost as well with older gear as with new, and the addition of internet capability is even better.

And for a television that does all that, you know what the down side inevitably has to be–the whacking great price tag. But even that is not near as bad as you might think–out at Amazon, for example, they’re selling these at seventeen hundred bucks. That’s marked down from standard retail of thirty six hundred, and I’m utterly amazed.

The LG 55LX6500 may be one of the best all-around systems I’ve seen in a long while, so if you’re looking for a new television, you absolutely owe it to yourself to look at the LG 55LX6500.

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