Leon Speakers Aaros A10-UT Subwoofer

February 25, in Audio

Leon Speakers Aaros A10-UT Subwoofer The all-new Aaros A10-UT Subwoofer by Leon Speakers will truly add new dimension to your living room. It is a 10 inch ultra-thin subwoofer packed with music skill and theater-grade performance. Designed to meet every viewing demands, this subwoofer can be customized to complete any room decor.

The A10-UT effortlessly handles low-frequency effects and boasts 400 watts with least distortion. It features a highly specialized 10-inch aluminum cone driver housed in a completely sealed 4.5 inches enclosure. When paired with Leon’s latest L3-1K subwoofer amplifier, the 45-pound A10-UT reproduces the tight musical low tones required for two-channel listening.

The Aaros A10-UT Subwoofer is custom-built in Ann Arbor and sold with Leon’s L3-1K 1,000-watt subwoofer amplifier at an MSRP of $2,695 for one subwoofer. With dual subwoofers it costs $3,995.

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