Koribo Leira HTPC Keyboard

March 16, in Accessories

We have already talked today about how Samsung is coming out with some new HTPC remote for Smart TVs, and now there is the Koribo Leira.

Some of you might not have heard of a keyboard maker named Koribo, but their Leira has created a keyboard with a mutli-touch trackpad on the right side, many play control buttons on the left, not to mention old channel up and channel down controls.

Not only does it have these features, but I am told that the underside of the keyboard has some indentations, thus making it the perfect device for your lap. Wow, if only laptops had these particular indentations on them!

I believe that what you’re looking at is some device for an OGG/MKV set up, so you might not be thinking this as a set up for your Boxee Box. Whatever the case, you should be able to get this Koribo Leira for about $50.

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