Klipsch CS-500 Home Theater System Review-You Can Do A Lot Better

July 15, in Audio

Today I’ve got something really interesting to talk about (what, like everything I talk to you about isn’t interesting? I know, but today is a little extra special because I found something new)–the Klipsch CS-500.

Yeah, I know!  This may well be one of the first times I’ve ever talked about a Klipsch system.  But I’ve got one right here.  The Klipsch CS-500, meanwhile, is a fifty watt 2.1 channel home theater system with a DVD player, compact subwoofer, satellite speakers, FM tuner, three auxiliary inputs and a universal remote.

Not a whole lot going on here, and despite the fact that the Klipsch name is almost universally recognized as an upper-end name, this one just didn’t turn out very well, as far as I was concerned.  Sure, the sound was pretty good, especially for a two channel system, but word is out that a lot of people had trouble with the DVD player on it.  And when you couple a largely faulty DVD player on to a system that costs two hundred and fifty dollars, well, you’re just adding insult to injury at that stage of things.  I’ve seen stuff come out of Walmart that’s a better deal than this.  So frankly, I suggest you avoid the Klipsch CS-500; big name or no big name, you can do wildly better, and for less money besides.

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