JVC Victor Presents SX-LBK Speakers Array

February 16, in Audio

Recently, JVC Victor Japan unveiled its new set of speaker with the SX-LBK series. .There are two new speakers launched in this series including, SX-L33BK, SX-LC33BK and SX-LT55BK. All these speakers come packed with the cutting-edge features and technologies.

JVC Victor’s SX-LC33BK comes with 2 x 14.5cm cone woofers and a 1.9cm tweeter. This two-way speaker delivers a sensitivity of 89dB, an impedance of 6 Ohm and a frequency range of 52Hz-80kHz. The second mode, SX-LT55BK comes featuring 2 x 14.5cm cone woofers and a 14.5cm Bottom Woofer. It delivers a frequency range of 32Hz-80kHz and an impedance of 6 Ohm.

Lastly, SX-L33BK is a two-way speaker with 14.5 woofer and a 1.9cm tweeter. It delivers a frequency range of 55Hz-80kHz. This new SX-LBK series of speakers is expected to be available in the market from March 2009. SX-L33BK, SX-LC33BK and SX-LT55BK speakers are priced at 47,250 Yens, 73,500 Yens and 147,000 Yens respectively.

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