JVC TH-G31 Home Theater System Review-Good Value, Good System

September 16, in Audio

JVC audio hardware is not half bad. That’s aggregate and generally specific, to boot, but JVC can generally be counted on to put out at least decent hardware, and thankfully, that’s the perfect description of the JVC TH-G31.

The JVC TH-G31 is a thousand watt 5.1 channel home theater system that offers an upconverting DVD player, five speakers and a subwoofer.  Plus, you’ll also get a variety of surround sound decoders including Dolby Pro Logic II and DTS Digital Sound, a variety of playback capabilities, a set of DVD functions like variable fast forward and rewind speeds, an AM/FM tuner (with 50 preset slots), trilingual (English, Spanish and French) display, sleep timer, one composite video output, one HDMI output, one component video output, one optical digital input and one analog audio input.

The sound quality on this setup is best described in the mediocre range–it’ll make your stuff loud but not much more than that. Explosions will probably sound best–this might work well if you pair it with a DLP projector and brace for a load of action movies. It’s fairly easy to deal with because it’s not packing too many extras, but all the basics are in place and done reasonably well.

Here’s the up shot–the whole system is available for a hundred and ninety dollars. That’s really very good as home theater systems go, and since it’ll cover most of your needs save only a display device, it makes for good value.

The JVC TH-G31 may not be the best home theater system you’ll encounter, but if you’re looking for a good value, this is a pretty fair place to start.

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