JVC TH-BA1 Soundbar Review-Just Not A Good Value

July 9, in Audio

Here’s something I hadn’t expected to be discussing–a JVC soundbar.  More specifically, today we’re talking about the JVC TH-BA1, and it’s actually kind of interesting.

The JVC TH-BA1 is a two hundred twenty watt four channel soundbar speaker system with subwoofer that includes a variety of built-in surround sound decoders (including Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro Logic II), two surround sound modes, a fluorescent display with dimmer, RCA audio input, optical digital audio input and three ohm impedance.

You’re probably pretty nonplussed by that spec sheet.  It’s not hard to look at that and yawn hugely, wondering why you’re even bothering to look at it.  And it’s also pretty difficult to mentally reconcile this spec sheet to Best Buy’s advertised price of two hundred and eighty dollars.  Worse yet, that’s a sale price.

And while the sound quality is at least pretty good, there’s a whole lot of troubles with this system.  That’s what makes it interesting, in all honesty–how did this product make it out onto shelves?  It’s not a good value at all, and you can do significantly better.  That’s why you come here to find out about this sort of thing–it’s well worth your time to pass up the JVC TH-BA1 surround sound system.

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