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January 31, in Accessories

Ticket Booth

Ticket Booth

If you want to really go all out with your Home Theater set up, why not include a custom ticket booth.  Cinemashop.com will let you choose among 18 different custom hardwood finished for your booth, including ten different kinds of maple, and eight different shades of oak. The ticket booths are made to you precise specifications and can include wood carving and detailed column trim, glass windows with realistic interiors, and many other options.

The booths come in various sizes but the standard is 84 inches tall, 46 and a half inches wide, and 22 inches deep. Choose from painted, coated or veneer finish prices. To custom order your Home Theater ticket booth, go to www.cinemashop.com. Prices start at $2,999. A phone number is also available to special instructions and questions.


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