Iomega Unveils New Portable External USB 3.0 SSD Drive

October 15, in Portable

Today, Iomega unveiled a new external USB 3.0 SSD (Solid state Drive) flash drive that’s mainly intended for professionals and storage enthusiasts. This device is 1.8 inches, encased in aluminum and like most SSDs, it’s shock-resistant. Furthermore, the flash drive comes with built-in encryption to protect your personal data from the possibility of theft.

Therefore, the Iomega External USB 3.0 SSD features software such as v.Clone, QuikProtect and Retrospect. Thus, what you’re getting is a PC cloning system and two backup software for Mac and PC in this bundle. In addition to this, the flash drive is available in 64GB ($229), 128GB ($399) or 256GB ($749) storage capacities. Now that’s a lot to buy for storing your important data. Nonetheless, Iomega provides a unique combination of compactness, capacity and software with their products.


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