InTune headphones from Fuse

January 5, in Headphones

While I was at CES Unveiled, I got to stop by the Fuse booth and saw two things: the PowerSlice and the InTune stereo earphones.

I have to admit, that I don’t really review stereo earphones very easily. After all, how many times can you say “they sound good” before it gets old?

What makes the InTune different is that the earphones for different music genres. There are “deeper bass for Rap/Hip-Hop, higher vocals and midrange for Pop, great treble and clear bottom tones for Rock/Blues/Country, and a clear, full response curve for superb overall sound with Jazz and Classical music”.

You should be able to get the iTune Stereo headphones from the Fuse site for about $24.99. Remember, they are sorted by color.

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