Introducing TV In A Mirror

July 14, in Displays

TV in a mirror, now isn’t that a fascinating, thinking-outside-the-box concept, huh? Well, it actually does exist. So, we witness the coming of a new device called the Media Decor Mirror TV. Interestingly enough, this unique creation is intended for people who enjoy staring at themselves in mirrors for hours. The device is packing a built-in 19 inch LCD panel equipped with LED technology and it’s designed to handle humidity as well. This so-called Mirror TV truly is meant to be kept in your bathroom so it comes in framing options such as brushed silver, satin pewter, brushed satin black and Florentine gold.

Furthermore, models in wood finishes such as honey pecan, natural, dark walnut and whitewash are also available. In addition to this, existing models are found in the Aqua Vanity or Aqua Decor series. However, these two versions have distinct characteristics. In the Aqua Vanity series, a solid, black window covers the TV screen when it’s turned off. But with the Aqua Decor series, the TV display will vanish, leaving the appearance of a glass mirror in its wake. Thus, these Mirror TV sets are available for $995 and you can order them from the official Media Decor website.



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