Introducing The Verbatim MediaShare Server

July 16, in Media Centre

Verbatim recently launched their latest device, the MediaShare Server, a very handy NAS drive for backing up documents and files and sharing media content. It’s equipped with a built-in feature that allows you to upload pictures and videos instantly onto social networking sites like Facebook and Flickr. The device is made with brushed aluminum and carries an external DVD drive. Furthermore, a CD is included for the set-up process and you’re only required to have a an Ethernet cable and a power source in order to use it. Then the disc will instruct you to start a log-in account, which gives you access to your media content from a home network or remotely.

With the MediaShare Server, you can make folders, fill them with images, video and music and display them as albums on the official Verbatim website. In addition to this, you can share the content of any album with friends and family through a list of email addresses, selecting the folders you want to use and you can restrict access to certain parties as well.

In terms of content, images are available as a slideshow and by download and music can be streamed if you use iTunes but there’s a whole music playlist offered that’s also offered. You can even stream videos but the content has to be converted to H.264 since the streaming is done in flash format. The device features a Terabyte of storage and an E-SATA port in the back for expanding internal memory as well. Thus, the Verbatim MediaShare Server is available for retail at $200 (Street value).


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