Introducing The Home Theater-In-A-Box From JBL Synthesis And Mark Levinson

August 10, in Accessories

Commonly, home theaters-in-a-box systems aren’t very impressive since they come with sub-par components from regular electronics manufacturers. But according to CrunchGear, the system from JBL Synthesis and Mark Levinson actually has something better to offer consumers. In terms of sub-par components, this home theater set features the Synthesis One Array ML Premier, which delivers excellent audio for the home theater experience. This system has all the best qualities of Harman Audio’s products all put into one home theater package.

Furthermore, the Synthesis One Array includes all the speakers, coupled with the digital equalizer and THX Sound Processor, which will be running on the four Mark Levinson 500H Series Amps. Thus, all of this can be yours for $88,000. However, that doesn’t cover installation and calibration, though. Of course, if those factors were included, you’d be likely in end up paying $100,000 for the entire package.

In addition to this, you’ll also be required to have a display/projector, screen, dedicated media room with proper sound damping, theater seating and some kind of sort of remote control system to get full functionality out of this home theater set. But CrunchGear reports that the home theater set could be one of the best ones out there on the market right now. Nevertheless, it’s an incomplete system and you’ll need more than speakers and amps to finish the initial setup.


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