Insignia NS-HT51 Home Theater Speaker Review-

October 29, in Speakers

We close out the week with a little item from Best Buy’s house brand, Insignia. And Insignia is sort of a mixed bag, as far as hardware goes. We’ve seen great stuff come out of Insignia, and we’ve seen horrible stuff too. This will fall, interestingly enough, about in the middle of those two extremes, and today we’re talking about the Insignia NS-HT51.

The Insignia NS-HT51 is a three hundred watt home theater speaker system that offers a center speaker, four satellite speakers and a fifty watt subwoofer. It also comes with two and a half inch paper cone woofers, half inch balanced dome tweeters, magnetic shielding for the center speaker, eight ohm impedance and a frequency response of one hundred seventy five hertz to twenty thousand hertz for the front, rear, and center channel speakers, and thirty three to a hundred and sixty hertz for the subwoofer.

So you can see, this is a bit on the low end. There’s not much going on here, and any features are pretty minimal at best. However, the sound quality is at least pretty good, certainly not the best you’ll hear but still at least passable.

One of these may not look that good to you based on the spec list, but there’s a reason you should be at least somewhat interested–consider the price tag on this one. The folks out at Best Buy want you to shell out a hundred and sixty bucks for this setup, and that’s not half bad.

So you may not get a whole lot of utility out of the Insignia NS-HT51, but you will get a fairly decent home theater system with passable sound at not a whole lot of cash. Basically, it’s not a spectacular system, but it’s a fairly decent workhorse.

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