Infinity 2-way 6 1/2″

November 12, in Hi-Fi Systems Reviews

Infinity 2-Way 6 1/2


Clean, rich sound, and convenient packaging. A definite win

Infinity 2-Way In-Wall Speakers: Powerful Sound In A Convenient Package

I like the versatility of these speakers and the sound is clean and rich.

The clear sound that comes from the Infinity 2-Way in-wall speakers is largely due to the Ceramic Metal Matrix Diaphragm technology that the ERS 210 uses. The company has patented this technology, so they are the only ones that can use it. This is something you definitely want in your home. The sound is totally undistorted and clear no matter what you’re listening to.

I like that these speakers are the in-wall type. There’s no reason why you can’t hook these up to your home theatre system to enjoy listening to music as well as watching movies. They are clean and powerful sounding, all-purpose speakers. The Infinity 2-Way in-wall speakers can be placed in either walls or ceilings.

As with other in wall speakers like the JBL SP6 6.5" speakers, these come in an attractive and clean white color. You can, however, paint the outside to match any color scheme you’ve got goin’ on in your home.

This is great because it means you can buy the same speakers for all rooms in your home.

If you’re using these speakers as your general all-around speaker, then install them with the tweeter at ear level. If you’re going to use them to accent your home theater system, on the other hand, then you have many more options to consider. For instance, these speakers can be used for either front or rear channel, whichever you need them for. The setup booklet includes instructions on the different ways you can use your Infinity 2-Way in-wall speakers. There’s nothing more annoying than buying speakers and having no idea how to use them.

I like a lot of things about the Infinity 2-Way: I like the fact that they’re in-wall speakers that can be painted, I like their clean and rich sound, and I love how they can be used in different kinds of ways.

Technical Info:

Model: ERS 210

Item Package Quantity: 1

Speaker type: Speaker

Speakers maximum output power:125 Watts

Speakers response bandwidth: 50 – 20000 Hz

Depth: 12.8 inches

Height: 12.8 inches

Width: 8.7 inches

Weight: 3.5 pounds

Speaker amplification: Passive

Speaker connectivity: Wired

Speakers crossover channel quantity: 2-way

Remote control description: None

MSRP: $249

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