Impressive Optimus Prime Transformers Design For X-Box 360 Console

July 4, in Console Gaming

If you’re seriously into Transformers, then you should love this article! Recently, an X-Box 360 console was customized with the colors and design logos for Transformers, featuring Autobot leader Optimus Prime himself. And yes, he is my favorite character from the legendary cartoon series that became a popular movie franchise (in case you were wondering). As you can see from the photo shown above, this personalized Microsoft console is sporting the classic Autobot symbol from the cartoon while the flaming pattern on the side of the case is a clear reference to the movie version of Optimus Prime from the live-action Transformers film series. The personalized console is also featuring a stylized controller with the same classic Optimus-themed blue and red colors. Click here to see a whole gallery of images for this impressive, customized case design of the X-Box 360.


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