Hulu May Lower Cost For Hulu Plus Service By Half

October 22, in streaming

Hulu is presently in the process of deciding whether or not to lower its cost for Hulu Plus by half. This would be a fifty percent savings opportunity, which means the monthly fee would be $4.95 instead of $9.95. Now that would make a significant difference for consumers, wouldn’t it? Initially, Hulu Plus was meant to be the “free streaming” site’s method for creating a secondary revenue stream for additional support since they mainly rely on advertisements.

Furthermore, they offered an extended catalog and access to TV programs and movies to justify the monthly cost and this access included viewability on many devices such as iPhone, iPad, the Xbox 360 console and Samsung and Sony-brand Internet-enabled TVs. Now it seems that the company may cut the monthly fee as added incentive for more consumers to embrace Hulu Plus. Such a move could give Hulu an edge over rivals like Netflix, who still charges its subscribers an $8.99 monthly fee. Looks like Hulu is stepping up its game as a competitor in the online video streaming war.


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