Horizon i-DS3 powered speaker system

February 24, in Uncategorized

Horizon i-DS3 powered speaker system

Boston Acoustics has expanded it’s line of loudspeaker solutions for iPod with the new Horizon i-DS3 powered speaker system. If you are looking for a powerful and simple way to listen to your favorite tunes with room filling sound then iPod and iPhone users will love the i-DS3. The wireless subwoofer produces a low- frequency sound and along with the built-in 100 watts of amplifier power it will help take your listening experience to a new level.

There is also the added bonus of no messy cables laying around and you have the freedom to place it anywhere in the room. Additional special features include a universal docking station that accomodates any iPod or iPhone with the dock connector and comes with a mini remote control that is sure to come in handy.

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