Will YouTube Find Movie Streaming Success In The Underserved?

Let’s face it, folks, it’s hard to get your hands on anime.  It always has been and it’s not likely to get any easier.  Sure, there are some moves toward making it easier, but getting Japanese cartoons isn’t a simple process even now. read more…

D-Link Takes Home Huge Award Slate For Boxee Box

D-Link’s Boxee Box took home a criminally massive slate of awards from the recently completed CES show back in January–fifteen awards worth of slate, in fact.  Check out the list:

– Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) Best of Innovations in
the Home Theater category
– Yahoo/CES Last Gadget Standing Winner
– Laptop Magazine Best in Show
– Popular Science Magazine Product of the Future
– G4 TV Best in Show
– CNET-TV Best in Show Finalist, Home Theater category
– Business Solutions Magazine Top 10 Best Gadgets at CES
– Global Marketing Partners’ Top CES Innovative Technology
– Dave Graveline’s “Into Tomorrow” Dave’s Top 10 @ CES 2010. read more…

Carl Icahn Deserts Sinking Blockbuster

You traitorous swine.

That’s the first thing that popped into my head when reading that board of directors member Carl Icahn was leaving the board of Blockbuster Video following “Institutional Shareholder Services guidelines regarding the number of directorships a person can hold”. read more…

Netflix Gets Huge Boost of Indie Cred

Remember how I was talking about the Criterion Collection the other day, and how it was going to start not only its own YouTube channel but also stream on Netflix? Well, it turns out a LOT of other outfits are looking to join in Netflix’s big streaming party–and it’s not the major studios. read more…

Hulus Master Plan-To Be Everywhere Your Mobile Device Of Choice Is

It’s sort of obvious in retrospect, especially from a company that so clearly depends on mobile technology, that Hulu’s master plan is to be everywhere you want to be and on whatever mobile device you prefer to use, but that was the plan as stated by Hulu CEO Jason Kilar. read more…

Content, Distribution or Discovery-Which Fuels Streaming?

So I read this article over at IPTV where they ask the question, what’s “king”?  Is it content, distribution or discovery?

Discovery is something of a new element to the debate, and represents the “how” of the mix. read more…

Does It Matter If Walmart Thwarts Redbox?

So I was reading a couple different articles about Redbox and a really interesting conclusion came to me.  Just to walk you through it, here’s the salient:

1. Seems Walmart’s catching a little heat from Hollywood studios for selling to Redbox. read more…

Netflix Reports Income, Wall Street Swoons

You’ve got to admit, when a dot-com company that A. survived the dot-crash and B. continues to be massively profitable to this very second announces its earnings, it’s no surprise that Wall Street would react favorably. read more…

YouTubes Streaming Service Not Taken Seriously

One of the great stories to emerge from Sundance was the story of the YouTube press conference.

YouTube put on this big press conference to announce their streaming service by which they showed a half a dozen big-at-Sundance movies for a whopping four bucks a pop. read more…

Netflix Plans Overseas Invasion

Well, not in the CONVENTIONAL sense.  You won’t see big red tanks heading for Germany any time soon, but what’s going on here is that Netflix, which actually already shut down a DVD-by-mail venture over in Great Britain, will be launching a small streaming-only video service in an as yet undeclared country sometime in the second quarter of 2010. read more…

iPad Users-No Netflix Any Time Soon

Well folks, if you were thinking about getting your favorite movies streamed to the newest Apple product, the iPad, then you’ll be in for at the very least a bit of a wait.

Here’s the word direct from Netflix CEO Reed Hastings:

“It’s not a huge priority for us because we’re so focused on the larger screens,” Hastings said. read more…

Roku To Go IPO Next Year?

Folks, you’ll definitely want to keep an eye on this little chunk of news because it’s a doozy.  You remember when Netflix spun off Roku into its own company?  Well, considering that Roku’s sold over half a million Roku boxes thus far, it’s not too far out of line to say that most everyone wants a piece of that particular action. read more…

YouTube Signs Streaming Deal With Indian Premier League Cricket

Okay, so it’s not exactly going to be the game changer of 2010, but it’s plenty of reason that Direct TV and NFL Sunday Ticket and such should be wetting themselves in unabashed horror.

YouTube and the out of nowhere Indian Premier League cricket group have signed a deal that allows YouTube to show cricket matches involving the Indian Premier League. read more…

Netflixs 28 Day Window To Spur Streaming Growth Industrywide?

This is a strange and interesting concept, so naturally I’ve got to bring it to your attention.

There are currently two schools of thought running around right now, and one of them will bring horrendous destruction whilst the other might usher in an end to the format wars forever. read more…

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