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History Channel to Launch Expedition Series in 3D Without Glasses

With a new series scheduled to be unveiled soon, the History Channel is making sure that its latest series will offer high quality visualization. And to do that, they have commissioned Magnetic Media Holdings Inc. read more…


Equilibrio Lite Edition Now Available at the App Store
SLIK 515QF Tripod
Cronacle Mobile Application for the iPhone Helps IT Professionals
Fujifilm FinePix Camera Accessories


bunny.jpgSony, a big name in the field of audio, video, communications and information technology products has recently launched a new advertising strategy for its new model of Bravia LCD TVs. The company used in hundreds of multicoloured Bravia bunnies for this special ad creation. read more…

VUDU claims largest library of HD content in existence


It looks like VUDU is looking to give services like Netflix a run for their money, recently announcing that they are now the “largest HD library in existence”.

This shouldn’t be a surprise for those following the upstarting media provider as in the weeks building up to this announcement they have been adding upwards of 150 HD titles a week to their service, totalling over 11,000 titles. read more…


Olympus Has New Ads for the E620 DSLR
O2 UK Sells the Samsung M7600 Beat DJ
‘Surrogates’ Trailer
Nissan 370Z Starts Selling this June
Vatavio by Ecobike

Netflix is the largest source of Internet traffic in the US


According to a new study done by Sandvine, Netflix now accounts for the majority if Internet traffic in the US, consuming in 22.2% off all traffic with its streaming service. Next up is BitTorrent, with 21. read more…

Netflix will stream Miramax movies starting next month

By now, you have probably heard that Miramax film studios, makers of such classic films as Pulp Fiction, The English Patient, and other classic indie flicks went bankrupt.

We have also reported that Miramax might be coming to Hulu, YouTube, or Netflix. read more…

Netflix has finally come to Android phones, to a limited degree

We have reported on Netflix coming to Android before (but not where you want it) as well as its appearance at Mobile World Congress. Finally, Netflix is on the Android phone.

You will note the disclaimer of “to a limited degree” in the title of this posting. read more…

Vudu adds TV shows available for rental

The last time that we focused on Vudu, it was when they were getting friendly with Boxee.

Now the company, which I am told is owned by Wal-Mart, has added a catalog of TV shows to its library for rent and/or purchase. read more…

Dish Network to pay TiVo $500 million in petent dispute


Dish Network, EchoStar and TiVo have been involved in an agonizing, 5 year long patent dispute where TiVo sued the others, claiming it infringed on several of their patents. Now though, it appears as if the companies are ready to move on, as Dish Network and EchoStar have agreed to pay TiVo $500 million to settle the case once and for all. read more…

YouTube ready to do video on-demand movies?

Considering that Google has spent $100 million on original content and a YouTube channel has been removed from Roku, I am beginning to see a reason.

There is some talk that YouTube has locked up a lot of studio deals with Sony, Warner, and Universal as well as other independent studios like Lionsgate and Kino Lorber. read more…

Logitech Squeezebox App comes to iOS

Previously, on Cybertheater, Logitech Squeezebox App came to Android. It should come as little surprise that it is now on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch now.

For those who are unaware of the Squeezebox player collection, it includes the Radio and Duet, and they allow the streaming of music content throughout the home with Pandora, Slacker, and any other App that is popular right now. read more…

Hulu Plus coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook?

Every time I watch a video on Hulu, I always see them hyping themselves about Hulu Plus and its capabilities, and how it is intending “more devices soon”.

I’m guessing that the video streaming and content company can put that disclaimer until the end of technology as we know it, and one such player that Hulu Plus could have access to is the new BlackBerry Playbook. read more…

You Tube channel removed from Roku

So, let’s say you got yourself a Roku and you want to watch YouTube videos. Well, you can’t.

You actually were able to before. But not because there was an official channel. There was an unofficial and unlicensed channel that users could watch in order to work around the lack of YouTube. read more…

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