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Woot has the Roku for $59

This is the Roku HD Player, which we have reported on before. Most recently, we announced its $79.99 price on Amazon, and it has now dropped to a $59.99 deal on Woot.

I think that it is a pretty good deal for the Neflix-streaming device, and is quite surprising. read more…

Uebo Presents The M200 Media Player

Recently, a company known as Uebo stepped forward to join the ranks of Roku, Pioneer and other brand names in offering a set box, HD media player. So, Uebo presents to us the new M200 Media Player. read more…

Introducing The Verbatim MediaShare Server

Verbatim recently launched their latest device, the MediaShare Server, a very handy NAS drive for backing up documents and files and sharing media content. It’s equipped with a built-in feature that allows you to upload pictures and videos instantly onto social networking sites like Facebook and Flickr. read more…

Okoro Media presents updated 2010 GX Series

Okoro Media Systems has presented its updated units of the 2010 GX series, more specifically the GX Media Server HTPC and its main feature is the inclusion of a bundled iPad as well as a custom application to control the multi-zone audio. read more…

Acer presents new multimedia solutions: RevoView HD, RevoPad, and more

Acer came up with a few multimedia solutions for your cyber theater which include three devices:

– Acer RevoView HD media player is a good player for your livingroom that supports a lot of different format files and besides the usual HDMI port it also has a USB port in case you want to connect an external drive;
– Acer Revo is the multimedia center device which features a QWERTY keyboard and a touchpad;
– Acer RevoCenter is good for the people that need a storage server, this one supports DLNA and UPnP technology;

Wolfgangs Vault comes to Boxee

What you are seeing here is the Wolfgang’s Vault, which has just come to Boxee.

The live concert app has recordings from the 1940’s until today, and it puts it into an “easily navigable database of streaming audio”. read more…

ReQuest Media Server

I thought that Warner Brothers was the only copyrighting issue that I would be reporting about today, but this ReQuest thing showed up.

Apparently, ReQuest can convert existing equipment to third-party DVD copying software, but the legality could be a problem. read more…

Rokus Netflix channel to come out tomorrow

I believe that Roku was planning to open up a new Netflix channel sometime in June, but this updated interface will go live as of tomorrow.

The new interface will allow the user to search the entire Netflix Watch Instantly library directly from the TV, and even browse through Netflix categories. read more…

Apple TV, version two

This box that you see here could be the next iteration of Apple TV, which is currently a rumor as of now.

This thing has a innards of an iPhone even running iPhone OS, with 16GB of flash memory and capable of 1080p video. read more…

Mvixs HDHome S2 and S4 HTPC media servers

The company Mvix has put out a lot of interesting products in the past, and they have just unveiled the HDHome S2 and S4 HTPC media servers.

These servers are powered by a dual-core Atom 330 CPU and the user’s choice of ATI’s Radeon 3200 HD or NVIDIA’s Ion graphics. read more…

Hulu runs on Android 2.2

Okay, I’m sure most of you have heard about the Android 2.2 or Froyo that was announced at a Google I/O Conference the other day.

I bring this up because there are a lot of TVs that plan to run Android, and I would imagine that you would want some Hulu action. read more…

LaCie Network Space MAX: Media Server

LaCie has recently released the LaCie Network Space MAX which can work as a network storage unit as well as a media server.

The system includes comes with 2 hard-drives slots that can be setup for RAID1 in case you want security, or RAID 0 if you want capacity. read more…

Media Pro HD Media Player

Okay, don’t let the weird Oscar the Grouch home look fool you, because this Media Pro HD has a lot of goods inside.

The Media Pro HD is a full HD networked hard drive media player that hooks up to any HDTV or A/V receiver allowing you to get started almost immediately. read more…

Roku has a custom Netflix channel

Roku set top owners have something to celebrate as they are intending to start a Netflix channel specifically for it.

This will allow users to search an entire Netflix Instant Streaming Library from the TV screen. read more…

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