Home Theater Proscenium

January 20, in Accessories


Home Theater Proscenium

A proscenium is a piece of custom home theater furniture designed to hold a projection screen, built in speakers and controls, and custom cabinetry that will store DVDs, movies, music, and other home theater items. A home theater proscenium might also include acoustical sound panels, decorative columns, concessions stands, and various other specialty elements.

Many prosceniums come with a movie curtain feature for a more authentic and formal home theater experience. Because of the wide variety of different sizes and types of home theater systems, most prosceniums are custom made to fit the electronic components included in the home theater and to suit the taste of the buyer. They can be made of solid wood or painted veneers in any period style desired. Fitting your home theater system into a custom proscenium can turn your theater room into a more formal, design-conscious space—an especially good investment in new construction and luxury applications. For more information on custom home theater prosceniums go to CinemaInteriors.com.


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